Headway Agro was created for primary production and processing agribusinesses in need of a professional and specialized translation to communicate with Spanish markets.

This service involves the translation of technical documents related to food production, as well as communications with Spanish consumers and importing countries.

  • Export documents, questionnaires
  • Fact sheets, product descriptions, records, checklists, establishment licenses.
  • Procedural manuals, plans and programs implemented at the establishments (HACCP, SSOP, GMP, GFP, GHP), controls and supervisions, quality controls, microbiological and food waste analysis plans, equipment controls, infrastructure reports.
  • Safety and hygiene operations.
  • Labels, nutrition facts label.
  • Organic, kosher and halal procedures.
  • Animal health and welfare.
  • Personnel training.
  • Standards and rules.

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  • Assays, protocols, sampling procedures, analytical methods, test results, biosecurity measures, equipment control.

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  • Certificates, transport documents, customs documents.
  • Invoices, bank documents.
  • Insurances, agreements, terms and conditions, INCOTERMS.
  • Standards and rules.

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  • Reports, forms, official explanations, press releases.
  • Corporate articles and news, newsletter, blog posts.
  • Circular letters, memorandums, e-mails.
  • Presentations.
  • HR documents.
  • Website.

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  • Reports, balance sheets, financial statements.
  • Standards and rules.

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  • Commercial and corporate videos.
  • Technical videos.
  • Training videos.
  • Interviews.
  • Videos of conferences, seminars, lectures.

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  • Contracts.
  • Certificates and documents to be submitted at SENASA.
  • Personal travel documents to submit to embassies, consulates or other agencies.
  • Commercial and corporate documents (balance sheets, bank documents, payslip, invoices).

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  • Journalistic texts (articles, stories, columns, news, blog posts).
  • Corporate communications (newsletters, press releases, reports, brochures, forms, presentations).
  • Programs, manuals, plans.
  • Workshop / Conference / Lecture material.
  • Any document or text subject to publication.

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Benefits of an exclusive agri-service


Having worked in this field, I am aware of the context of the texts, so I can determine the precise term for each case. This results in precise and fast translations.


I am aware of the sensitivity of the information received; thus, the original document and its translation are never disclosed nor shared unless having received previous authorization.


All translations receive a final revision before submission to verify if the message reads accurate and natural.

What clients say

Let’s work together!

There are two contact options:

To give you a precise quote, please send all files involved in the project. Regarding certified translations, remember to previously inquire if your document should have an apostille affixed.

Shall we get in contact?

    Note: The maximum size to send files from the website is 15 MB. If the file you wish to send for quotation is heavier, please send a direct e-mail to sofiagalli@headwaytranslations.com trying to follow the format of the contact form as possible.