Do you export your products to Spanish-speaking countries? Or import products from them? Let me be your linguistic mediator to better understand their documents, requirements and legislation or to better communicate with them. Where animal and public health is involved, it is crucial not to underestimate the importance of a professional translation provided by a translator specialized in the field and aware of the terminology used by the industry to maintain a clear and effective communication.

This service involves the technical translation of documents related to the foreign trade of agri-products, genetic material, livestock, agricultural inputs, feedstuff, and agricultural equipment.

Some examples of translated documents:

  • Certificates, questionnaires, reports, forms, procedural manuals, plans and programs implemented by establishments (HACCP, SSOP, GMP, GFP, GHP), records, audits, checklists, establishment authorizations, microbiological and food residue plans, labels, nutritional values, equipment control.
  • Organic, kosher and halal procedures.
  • Laboratory documents (assays, protocols, sampling procedures, analytical methods, analytical results, biosafety, and equipment control).
  • Foreign trade documents (invoices, transport documents, customs documents, bank documents, certificates, insurances, agreements, terms and conditions).
  • Legislation
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In Argentina, a sworn translation is any translation that is to be submitted to an Argentine public agency, entity or organization, and that bears the signature and seal of a licensed sworn translator, both of which are authenticated by the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA). This authentication accredits that said signature and seal correspond to a licensed translator and that the document complies with all required formalities. Before submitting your document for translation, remember to previously inquire if your document should have an apostille affixed, as the apostille is also translated.

Some examples of translated documents*:

  • Contracts
  • Certificates and documents to be submitted at SENASA.
  • Personal travel documents to submit to embassies, consulates or other agencies.
  • Personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, passports, visas, criminal records).
  • Academic documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, diplomas, class ranking, curricula, report cards).
  • Legal, commercial and corporate documents (wills, powers of attorney, notary deeds, trust deeds, judgements, balance sheets, bylaws, minutes, bank documents).

* This service includes the fulfillment of authentication procedures at the CTPCBA at the request of the client. For more information on the apostille, click here.

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A company is introduced to new cultures through exporting. Its products and image travel to new destinations. However, in order to access new markets, there are certain documents that shall be agreed upon and submitted. Here, the role of a professional and trained translator is necessary to avoid terminological mistakes and misunderstandings or to be able to clearly interpret texts in foreign languages.

Some examples of translated documents:

  • Commercial documents.
  • Customs documents.
  • Insurance policies.
  • Certificates.
  • Legislation.
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This is a key service for companies working with Spanish-speaking countries, as it allows them to bring their news and communications to clients, investors and suppliers located in said countries.
The benefits of this translation service vary depending on the purpose of the corporate material: showcasing the strength of a brand image, introducing new products or services, notifying internal communications, obtaining data / opinions / suggestions of those following a company.
Basically, this translation service helps a company communicate and stay in contact with Spanish-speaking countries.

Some examples of translated documents:

  • Newsletters.
  • Corporate articles and news.
  • Blog post.
  • Press releases.
  • Circulars, memos, e-mails.
  • Brochures.
  • Reports.
  • Surveys and forms.
  • Invites.
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This service is aimed at all professionals trying to take advantage of new opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries: taking a job offer, submitting an academic paper or giving a presentation.
The assistance of a translator during these moments allows professionals to focus on other aspects of the process and reassures them that the final document will be perfectly understood. On top of that, a professional translation helps professionals to stand out from the competence that decided to do the translation by themselves or with Google Translate. The final result is evident: a translator’s work is always neat and precise.

Some examples of translated documents:

  • CVs.
  • Letters of application / Cover letters.
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Paper abstracts.
  • Academic papers.
  • Material for courses, workshops and conferences.
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Videos have two main advantages: they visually and briefly explain the objectives, values and achievements of the company and can be used to introduce the company to potential clients or investors. Translating corporate videos into Spanish can help the company boost its presence in Spanish-speaking countries, specially at events, where a professional translation stands out as it showcases the company’s seriousness and reliability.
In addition, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are communication channels that mix the written format with the visual. Therefore, companies can benefit from this service to reach a massive Spanish-speaking audience by subtitling their audiovisual material.

Some examples of subtitled videos:

  • Corporate and commercial videos.
  • Technical videos.
  • Training videos.
  • Interviews.
  • Videos of conferences, workshops, lectures.
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Copyediting is more than just detecting grammar mistakes in texts. Yes, sometimes a misplaced comma does not make much of a difference. However, editing also involves verifying lack of ambiguity in texts, enhancing reading flow, and making sure the purpose of the text is clear.
The role of the copyeditor comprises taking an objective stance and becoming the target reader in order to be able to convey the author’s intended message.
This is especially relevant when a client’s objective is to convey a serious message or to sell the value of a company’s products or services to a new audience: one cannot just rely in machine translations or bilingual employees. A native is needed to revise all documents intended for a Spanish-speaking audience. Grammar mistakes may harm a company’s or professional’s reputation as much as a poor translation.

Some examples of edited texts:

  • Academic texts (essays, thesis, papers, abstracts, dissertations, academic presentations).
  • Journalistic texts (articles, stories, columns, news, blog posts).
  • Corporate communications (newsletters, press releases, reports, brochures, forms, presentations).
  • Programs, manuals, plans.
  • Workshop / Conference / Lecture material.
  • Any document or text subject to publication.
  • Editing of translations made using a machine translation program.
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