A look at the services of Headway Translations

Here you will find linguistic services for professionals, companies and agribusinesses

Do you have an agribusiness and export to Spanish-speaking countries or want to access new Spanish-speaking markets?

Do you need to submit a sworn translation in Argentina?

Do you export your products to or import them from Spanish-speaking countries?

Do you want to communicate your corporate image to Spanish-speaking markets?

Do you want to stand out as a professional in Spanish-speaking countries?

Do you want to reach Spanish-speaking audiences with your product or service?

Do your Spanish texts need a professional edit before publication or submission?

Why choose Headway Translations?

My name is Sofía Galli and Headway Translation and Language Services (Headway Translations) is my linguistic undertaking.

I am a professional translator and Spanish proofreader and copyeditor. I have specialized in agribusiness after working at the National Service for Agri-Food Health and Quality (SENASA, the veterinary service of Argentina) with different documents related to animal and plant production, laboratory results and food quality and safety programs. During my time there, I have learned the importance of translation in opening new markets and maintaining the existing ones, and the opportunities brought by these achievements to all Argentine producers.

In addition, I have been licensed at the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA, for its acronym in Spanish) since 2016, thus I also have experience as a sworn translator. I have translated trust deeds, powers of attorney, visa processes, foreign trade documents, among other documents. This experience allowed me to discover another role from where I could linguistically assist companies and professionals, both from the agricultural and livestock field and from other industries, in reaching Spanish-speaking countries. Having completed a specialization course in audiovisual translation and a postgraduate course in Spanish proofreading and copyediting in 2018, I realized I could further assist my clients in taking their products and services to Spanish-speaking markets.

‘Headway’ means ‘to make progress’ or ‘to be closer to achieving something’, and this is what every translation or copyediting project means to me: helping my clients achieve their international goals to make progress personally, professionally or commercially. My objective towards my clients is to give them the most comprehensive service possible and to act as a linguistic mediator to help them connect in a serious and professional way with Spanish-speaking countries.

What to expect?


Translations made by the same translator follow a pattern, which results in terminological and stylistic coherence in all texts.


Working together in the long term will allow client and translator to build a reliable professional relationship.


Where necessary, I try to work alongside clients in order to convey their message as exactly as possible.

Terminological accuracy

Hours of study, experience and research allow me to find the correct terms.


Working with the same translator allows both the client and the translator to eventually build a reliable professional relationship.

Let’s work together

There are two contact options:

When asking for a quote, remember to send the files intended for translation / editing so I can provide you with a precise quote. It may be a file (PDF, Word, Excel, video) or an image/scan in case of sworn translations. Do not worry, requesting a quote is free of charge and hiring commitment..

Shall we get in contact?

    Note: The maximum size to send files from the website is 15 MB. If the file you wish to send for quotation is heavier, please send a direct e-mail to sofiagalli@headwaytranslations.com trying to follow the format of the contact form as possible.